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What can you expect?

You meet HESS products in everyday life more often than you think. Whether in the car or in the vacuum cleaner: our products are included in numerous parts which you daily use.

But what exactly are our products? Quite easy: plastic parts - in different shapes and sizes. HESS delivers them all over the world: e.g. in the automotive industry, in the switching or the household industry.

 Brought to a point:

  • We develop components.
  • We develop prototypes.
  • We design tools.
  • We assemble building groups. We install assemblies.
  • We arrange and control warehouse and transport.

       From North Rhine Westphalia to the whole world.


Will you participate? Are you ready to join us?


 Good reasons why you should join us:

1. FUTURE:  Top perspectives
2. KA-CHING:  Performance pays
3. I FEEL GOOD:  Good working climate
5. EXPERIENCE INNOVATION:  State-of-the-art technology