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Electronics industry

The production of parts for the electronics industry presents us with special challenges in many ways.

During the development process of components, we also support our partners in the choice of materials. Functionality, weather resistance and design aspects need to be considered in the planning process to allow a plastics-friendly production.

Of course, the used materials must comply with the requirements of VDE. We are already developing solutions to meet pending latest standards. This applies, for instance, to the production of tube motors for awning drives. Our expertise and state-of-the-art technologies guarantee an optimum production according to your needs.

A perfect painting highly depends on clean surfaces, in particular during the production of components for the switching industry. Due to our ultramodern production equipment we are able to fulfil such detailed requirements without any problem. For example, it is also possible to achieve a concentricity in the range of hundredths of a millimetre in the production of bearing shells. For our customers we are constantly developing further to always find the right solution in the field of electronics.