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Time-limited rules for fighting the spread of the Corona virus!


  1. Put on my work clothes at home, changing rooms and showers may not be used.

  2. I do not go to work sick, with cough, cold, headache i report to my doctor and let my supervisor know in time.

  3. Carpooling is allowed, but the mouth guard must be worn during the ride.

  4. During shift changes and in confined spaces, walking routes are mandatory; I always walk as far to the right as possible. One-way street. Observe markings.

  5. Washing hands every hour if possible, before and after work, toileting and breaks.

  6. Observe person limits in break rooms & restrooms, locker rooms may only be used for hand washing.

  7. Always wear my mouth guard/visor as soon as I leave my fixed workstation, if the distance at my workstation to the next employee is less than 1.5 m or if I work in pairs and the workstation is not separated by a plexiglass screen. It is obligatory to wear the mouth guard on all walkways!

  8. I bring my food from home.

  9. The use of fans is not allowed. Exceptions must be approved by plant management.

  10. Smoking is prohibited throughout the plant premises, smoking areas are closed.

  11. Hygiene rules, as well as coughing and sneezing etiquette must be observed at all times.

  12. Employees are only allowed to leave the company premises during breaks for private reasons if they clock out and clock in again on their return. ATTENTION: The employees concerned are solely responsible for checking the correct time recording. There will be no automated verification or correction via the Human Resources Department!

  13. In meetings, the mouth guard must always be worn, even if the distance is more than 1.5 m.

  14. Internal free use of 2 Corona quick tests per week.


Explanation Corona Quick Test